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About the Game:

The Trial of Riddles is my first and simple RPG Maker game that I actually finish.

You are the anonimus protagonist who is selected into The Trial of the Riddles. Your goal is to beat the previous champions by answering the riddles and collecting points. You can buy useful items for your points in the shop, that helps to figure out the solutions. If you lose all your points, the game is over. You can win by gaining 100 points or beating the latest champion on the last level. Whichever comes first, you might be the next champion on The Trial of Riddles!

The following features are planned:

- Non-linear gameplay, selectable scenes
- More complete story, NPCs, and missions
- More and harder riddles
- More useful items (e.g. no game over on failure)
- Occasional timed riddles
- Achievements
- Highscore system
- Detailed Statistics on the winning & game over screen
- Cheat system
- More optimised and easier to read event code

If you wanna know more information about the game please read the ReadMe file, and the in-game instructions.

Feel free to comment, report bug, or add any tips or ideas you may have.

Enjoy! :)

Please vote my game on this site: http://goo.gl/cBflMi

Install instructions

ATTENTION: Do not worry about Chrome warning, when you try downloading the file, just avoid and ejnoy the game.

Its virus and malware free!


1. Download RPG Maker VX Ace Run Time Package (RTP) here: http://goo.gl/GgPIr4
2. Install it!
3. Start the game again!


TheTrialofRiddles.exe 98 MB